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🔥 Halloween SALE 👻 Bloody Footprint Mat💓BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING💓

🔥 Halloween SALE 👻 Bloody Footprint Mat💓BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING💓

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😲 Lay Your Bath Mat and watch the horror on their faces! 😍🤣
😱😱Amazing Bloody Colour Changing Bath Mat
definitely fits your needs! The mat will turn red when you splash water on it! With the surreal blood effect, instantly create a terrifying scene. Unlike those pre-painted red mats, the blood red colour will begin to fade to original colour in few minutes.

Bloody Bath Mat

When you splash water on it, it looks just like real blood, super creepy. It dries relatively quickly and goes back to its original colour. The “blood” will disappear after the bathroom rug dried. Hang to dry and watch the blood-red colored stains disappear and fade back to white.

Horrible Floor Mat

Material: high-tech nano cloth (no traces will be left on the feet)

Stunning blood dripping color change effect: Try this world’s first bathroom mat, a thin plastic reel, only inductive specifications, watercolor change wet floor into the blood-red stains.

Almost invisible thickness, their lives are hidden anywhere: Let your boyfriend or girlfriend have the impact when leaving the bloodstains left behind when used in showers. A very unique prank that you can hide almost anywhere. Not only can you placed it in bathroom, but also in living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Horrible Floor Mat

    This thin plastic roll that reacts with water, colour changing effect turns the wet footprints into blood-red stains.
    Will turn red when it meets water, and it will change back to its original state when the water is dry.
    Can be hidden anywhere in the bathroom, such as a toilet seat or shower, for a better surprise!
    With surreal blood effect to create terrifying scenes instantly


  • DO NOT put in the washing machine or dryer.
  • DO NOT use near heat sources.


  • MATERIAL: High-tech nano cloth.
  • SIZE: 27.56in*15.75in(700mm*400mm)


1 x Colour Changing Bloody Bath Mat

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